Thoughtful and original design can help your website stand out and become easily memorable. Attractive graphics are just the beginning of the process. Layout, logical structure, intuitiveness and many other factors play a key role just as much as the design itself. We try to combine these aspects to create an attractive and user friendly website.

Original website design

Here at WeDesIn we know that the website plays a key role in presentation of your company or service. Whether you are a serious business site or a romantic coffee shop, your website design represents your brand appeal and what you are trying to achieve. We understand the importance of the personal interpretation of your concept and understanding your visions and needs.

Understand the process

Based on that, we create one (usually the home page) or more templates, which often include design of the blog, e-commerce site, about us page or any other required page. As soon as the designs are signed off, the development itself can start.

Responsive website

Today, more than 50% of websites are viewed on handheld devices such as mobiles and tablets. This makes the demand for responsive websites even more important. Responsive websites use the same content for all devices, only adapting the presentation to each device, to make the website much easier to read and view.

Imagine, that you have 4 images in one line. On tablet, these images will be lined up into two rows by two images. On phones the images will create four rows by one image, this way we fit  the same content on smaller screens.

Responsive design is not only useful for regular users but for the websites themselves. Google has added the responsiveness of the website as a ranking factor all the way back to 2014. A responsive website is therefore much more likely to show up as a result on Google than a site that is not responsive.

Website design price

The price of any design will be dependent on the project size, number of templates, size of the website and other factors. A basic template for a smaller website starts at $300, the design of an e-commerce site starts at $500.

Contact us, we are happy to help

Are you interested in website design, do you like our offers? Contact us at , or use the contact form at the bottom of this page. You can also view our recent projects.

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All of our design always meets the following criteria

  • It is based on latest design trends.
  • It is very user friendly.
  • It is optimised to all devices (IE8 support and less is separate)
  • It always follows your marketing strategy.