We offer the development of e-commerce sites to suit your needs and the needs of your customers. We always make sure that the path from finding the product and adding to the basket, all the way to payment or booking, is as simple as possible.

Fully functional and easy to control e-commerce sites are our standard. We offer to our clients an easy to control platform, the ability to add, remove or modify products as you wish, the option to create galleries, upload videos, take in orders, payments, print invoices and so on. All this is clearly organised in the admin section.

What the e-commerce website development involves?

The first step of creating an e-commerce site is to create a simple bitmap with all the main sections of the website – header, main body with the products section, sidebar and the footer. In the next phase, each of the sections is filled with content – colours, text, images and icons are added. We clearly communicate every change and process so the client is happy with the result and the site has all the elements it should have. After the approval of the final version, we move on to the development stage.

That normally takes from 3 weeks to 2  months depending on the site size and specific requirements. During this time, we recommend our client to work on all the content for the website, texts, images, videos and so on. This can significantly speed up the process of final updates, when we optimise the website and add the content to it.

After finishing all of the processes, that still takes place on our server and final sign off with our client, we move the website to its live server. It might seem that this is where the journey ends but do not be fooled. Constant maintenance is what makes an e-commerce site successful.

Price of an e-commerce site

E-commerce sites including the graphic design usually start at $2000 but the price depends on the client’s demands. If you are interested in an e-commerce site or updating your current one, please send an email to [info@wedesin.cz] or use the form below.


Our e-commerce websites have

  • Easy to control admin section
  • The ability to access all the information about orders, deliveries, payments etc. in one place
  • Integration of any payment system
  • All of our ecommerce sites are optimised for all devices.
  • Our e-commerce sites are SEO friendly.

Project examples