In the digital age, the quality of your website presentation plays a key role for your business. More than 80% of consumers, before they buy a product or service, will look for information online. This is the point where the quality of your website plays the key marketing role. The first impression of your website really counts, so if the website is slow or people can not find the information they are looking for or do not like your website, they will leave it.

Why is the quality of you website important?

A quality website not only eliminates the risk of the visitor leaving too soon but can also attract more visitors (potential clients). A slick and optimised website is more likely to get a higher ranking on Yahoo, Google or any other search engine and therefore get more visitors. Here at WeDesIn we listen to our clients’ wishes, visions and marketing strategies to find the optimal way.

We do not churn out websites, on the contrary, we approach each project individually and often solve technical and design challenges on our own incentives. One of the very important features is responsiveness – the ability to adapt to any kind of electronic device (notebooks, tablets and mobile phones). This feature might not be visible at fullscreen, but the users of mobile phones and tablets will appreciate it, as well as Google, which will rank your website higher. In addition to this, we offer many more features to ensure the highest standards are met.

Price of website

It is very difficult to set a universal price for a website, as it all depends on the demands of build and what the client wants. However, smaller websites with just 3 templates start on $400, for larger website with 5 or more templates the price begins at $700. 

E-commerce sites start at $1200, but more details about e-commerce sites can be found on the page about E-commerce websites.

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All of our website have:

  • All of our websites are Content Management Systems allowing the administrator to change any content on the website
  • Our websites are optimised for SEO
  • The ability to add any kind of media - images, videos or files
  • Our websites are always responsive
  • There is no limitation to your site - the user can expand it however they see fit
  • We offer unlimited options - the only limit is your imagination